by Ariel Basom

Fast forward to a place without time well lit but absent of character.
There amidst the void beneath the space exists the chasm
where screams of agony persist despite our inability to hear them
and drops of ecstasy collect like tears in useless puddles along the way.

Pause here to medicate a while in the mystery of bliss
as we masticate meat made of tendon and flesh.
Jaw popping with the throbbing goodness of pain.
Not like us to mind but never too late to consider it.

Rewind to yesterday still clutching the sawn off end of a rubber stick
building a promise without forethought or compromise.
Able to stabilize, timewire crossing exempt from the design
despite our findings which suggest tampering at best.

Eject safely into real space as we awaken for a third time
rolling in violent strips of the boredom we once enjoyed.
Yet here there are parapets which keep us in shadow
where we accept affection and royalty deservedly.

Play fifteen rounds of rummy with your girlfriend
keeping perfect rhythm with the shuffling.
Pander to a new world made of marshmallow muffin tins
but keep rolling and maybe the wire will counter it.