The Blue Man’s Deal

by Victoria Veldhoen

I am the everlasting precursor
To kin who lost my ancestral name
My solitude cries out for a nurser
Though I have only myself to blame
For knives leave my flesh unbroken
Nor does dehydration deplete my vigor
The slight hitch in any words spoken
Do well to hide my everlasting rigor
If I could go back to when it all began
After my mama took her last breath
I would hold myself in mine own arm span
And pledge not to fear mortal death
Because to live and to do it well
Satisfies more than any spell

My curse began when the unearthly man arose
In a flare of effulgent light and smoke
Blue from his hair to the ends of his toes
He tipped his hat to me, and then he spoke
“Your sorrow is a cadaverous lie
Dirt and worms are her bloody truth
Abolition of your puerile flesh is nigh
But are you interested in eternal youth?
A man’s fate can be halted and led astray
So that the grim reaper never will knock
All I ask is your first child’s day
Inconsequential as a young girl’s frock
In return, you need never fear oblivion again
Just sign the dotted line here with this pen.”

A century or more before I could admit
That that which I feared was now my dream
Lucky men’s entire lives went by in a flit
Mine lay stuck in humanity’s stream
Tots don’t birth from an undead man’s seed
Lovers run from the evergreen boy’s hand
Too old to have faith in any sort of creed
Too young to leave a mark in the land
Now I search for the instigator’s name
With hope that I can undo this bane
Do you know the man that is to blame?
Let’s assemble where the river meets the plain
I despair to be the only one who’s abolished fate
But if I know anything, it’s how to wait