poetry in lotion

By Terry Finley

I never wanted to tit fuck anybody as much as I want to tit fuck you
but you’ll say “I’m not looking for a hook-up”
and I’ll be lying when I say I’m not either

forgive me, that’s only half true…

I do. I do want to tit fuck you.
but that’s only one electron floating around this nucleus
just one of a million protons emitted
during this decay

if only photosynthesis could turn
sunlight to the Black Velvet
I want to pour over you and lick

away and with every brush of my tongue
across your skin I’ll sweep off the plasma-blistered
layers of myself I’ve acquired a taste for

but that’s only haft true too

it’s only half true like half-life
measures the decay rate of all
remaining material which means
that of all substance half is eternal

forever shifting between what used to be and what is and what will evolve
because what’s measured as decay today might exist
twelve billion years from now and still register as half
but a previously unknown half

you won’t care then like you don’t care now

all you really want is for me to tit fuck you

that’s only half true
on the Newtonian plane
where gravity is the attraction between bodies
according to the curvature of my time and your space
or your twitterpation and my self-consciousnessly expansive mental dark matter

dance with me first
create an energy ball
with the palm of your hand in mine
the blue-phosphorous heat
building like fat man and little boy
round the secret Oak Ridges
of our fingertips

that’s the other half truth
I can promise to tell you about
one rainy day when life’s spewing
pauline judgment and messianic excrement
not even heavy water can wash away

another day, when I’m as high as the hydrogen at the center of the sun

for now


know me whole
eat me alive

just spit my bones
to the event horizon at your feet

where my matter will shred to its
subatomic particles and ride the crest
of the nearest solar wind
to the plane of relativity
where a tit fuck is the only truth

the fullest measure
of friction, the only force that matters
when it’s overcome