Imaginary Lover

By Smith Elder

By day you know me not, and so I burn.
Your sun-wrapped kisses taste me in the night.
I love to love, but will I ever learn?

The hours pass, and fantasies return
My long-repressed desires I must fight
By day you know me not, and so I burn,

But moon will rise and daily courts adjourn
And who are they to tell me what is right?
I love to love. There’s nothing left to learn.

No fiery star or universal turn
Could ever fever of this heat ignite
By day. You know me not, so I must burn.

For I can’t bear to think I did not earn
Your touch, the thing that sets my soul in flight
I love to love, but I will never learn.

And for you I will ever softly yearn
Though I have never seen you in the light.
By day, I know you not, so we must burn.
I love to love you. Will I ever learn?