Current Issue (Spring 2018)

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Wholly Broken | Stacie Jenkins Townsend
poetry in lotion | Terry Finley
Shit Burnin’ Detail | Aaron Kiser
stickfigure jesus | Terry Finley
Salt Lake | Scott Morris

Spring 2018 Issue

Contents of the Print Edition:

In the Garden | Pamela Moore Dionne
Comings and Goings | Stacie Jenkins Townsend
The Third Thing that Damns Me | Alana Jamison
Curves | Smith Elder
How a Phoenix Feels | Brett Townsend
Unreliable Narrators in Everything Rises Must Converge | Victoria Veldhoen

I Didn’t Know | Kimi Hardesty
Moonstar | Stacie Jenkins Townsend
Frozen Foods | Ian August
The Death Room | Diana Smith Rush
The Neighbor | Tisha Gentry
Life Like Texture | Jennifer Skura
Appetizer | Pamela Moore Dionne
“Her Punishment is Deerly Dire” | Abigail Crittenden
Guten Tag | Jessica Dickey
Headstanding | Jaya Spier
Left-Hand Auto | Anne Boaden
The Use of an Unreliable Narrator in Lolita | Pamela Moore Dionne

Last Night | Jaya Spier
His Body, My Regret | Smith Elder
Redemption | Stacie Jenkins Townsend
Adaptation: New Eyes | Kimi Hardesty
Writing as a Means of Accepting a Disability | Diana Smith Rush
Day’s End | Tisha Gentry
Focus On | Stacie Jenkins Townsend
Growing | Kimi Hardesty
Shame | Tisha Gentry
To His Others | Smith Elder
I-5 Heaven | Stacie Jenkins Townsend
Hybrid as an Expression of Empathy | Alana Jamison
Maldivian Fisherman | Anne Boaden


Other Content:

From the Editor | Editor in Chief, Ryan W Shepard
Spring 2018 Staff List