Current Issue (Fall 2018)

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Imaginary Lover | Smith Elder
Only Good Soil | Kimi Hardesty

Fall 2018 Issue

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(Re)born | Hope Chandler
and you call me inconsistent | Hope Chandler
H[our]s | Emma Arlington M.
Dear Arizona | Emma Arlington M.
Echoes | Emma Arlington M.
Ain’t the Same | Kimi Hardesty
Morning Fire | Kimi Hardesty
everything must be gentle with the soul | Erik Rodgers
On the Disappearance of Socks | Erik Rodgers
Living Memory | Erik Rodgers
Extrovert with Chronic Pain | Smith Elder
A Shakespearean Rebuttal | Smith Elder
Something shifted in the darkness | Kaye Newbury
Dowsing | Kaye Newbury
Bodies of Summer Rain | Kaye Newbury
Genesis | Jessica Lewis
The Big Fat Bitch Rap | Janet Colson

Fags with Fags | Michael Susko
My Family Portrait | Rae Quinn
The Time of Janus | Suzi Kaye
Pom Freets | Ian August

An Opening | Kimi Hardesty
Spring | Kimi Hardesty
Beginning Again | Kimi Hardesty
Bunch O’ Buddhas | Garrison Gaudens
Serenity Now | Garrison Gaudens

Vehicles that Transport | Heather Bartel


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From the Editors | Editors-in-Chief, Cate Gallivan and Vickie Veldhoen
Fall 2018 Staff List