Current Issue (Fall 2017)

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The Blue Man’s Deal | Victoria Veldhoen
Timewire | Ariel Basom

Fall 2017 Issue

Contents of the Print Edition:

Critical Commentary
The Stories of Lydia Davis | Starkadur Sigurdarson
Your Book of Beginnings | Meghan O’Neill
Black Butter Brittle | John Schmidtke
Hummingbird | Pamela Moore Dionne

The Enemies | Erik Rodgers
Compelling Spencer | Ian August

Blessings for the Beloved Cursed | Andrea Canaan

Heart Failure | Ariel Basom
Dust | Dane Charbeneau
Summer | Beth Chambers

Kill Schedule | Anne Boaden
Letter to a Concerned Mother | Scott Morris
Run, Don’t Walk | Beth Chambers

Gulls drop like rags | Pamela Moore Dionne
Premonition | Tawnya Renelle
Cliff Diving | JoAnne Tompkins
Weight of a Human | Erik Rodgers
Dear Charles Bukowski | JoAnne Tompkins
Los Angeles | Erik Rodgers
The Great Actor | Edward Stephens
Bearing Witness | Lydia K. Valentine
Connect the Dots | Diana Rush
Inherited | Tawnya Renelle
Mt. Ellinor | Pamela Moore Dionne
Rebuilding | Kimi Hardesty

Visual Art
Sitting at the Dock | Anne Boaden
Want to Come Upstairs | Kimi Hardesty
Fearing Our Future | Meghan O’Neill
Away | Stacie Jenkins Townsend
Kayak Under Pier | Anne Boaden
Childhood Remiss | Stacie Jenkins Townsend
For the Love of Strong Women | Meghan O’Neill
Nisos Thira | Pamela Moore Dionne

Other Content:

From the Editor | Editor in Chief, Jalyn Powell
Fall 2017 Staff List