Heartbleed and Goddard

This is a quick note about the “Heartbleed” security vulnerability that’s been in the news this week. There’s a lot of info on the news about it, but in short, it affects the underlying mechanism (OpenSSL) many systems use to encrypt communications.

Yes, Goddard College uses OpenSSL, and yes, we immediately moved to close the vulnerability in our systems as soon as it was made public, last Monday. We have checked with our outside vendors (most notably Google) and they have confirmed either no risk or they have closed vulnerabilities also.

Yes, it’s always a good idea to change your passwords often, and to make sure you use different passwords for different systems (e.g. Goddard systems versus your personal banking login). Though there is no evidence that any account has been compromised or personal information accessed via this vulnerability, because the potential has existed for so long undetected, it’s better to be safe.

You can update your passwords across all Goddard’s systems at http://activate.goddard.edu

Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting it@goddard.edu
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Heartbleed Bug and You

heartbleedBy now you’ve probably heart about the Heartbleed Bug widely affecting sites across the web. The big thing is that you will have to change a lot of passwords, but it’s not quite that simple. Check out CNET’s comprehensive FAQ for more.

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And the Winners Are…

winnerWe’re delighted to announce MFAW student Chera Miller & HAS student Jayne Kramen as the winners of the $25 Amazon Gift Card drawing! Everyone who completed our Satellite Librarian Pilot Program Evaluation was eligible to win. Thanks to every one of the 141 Plainfield Campus students, faculty, & staff for filling out the survey, your feedback is already helping us shape our services and we only just compiled the data! Stay tuned for exciting announcements coming this Residency Season.

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Fiber comes to Goddard Plainfield Campus!

We are pleased to announce that fiber has come to Goddard’s Plainfield, VT Campus!



We now have a 100Mbps connection (up from our previous speeds of 6Mbps). Internet access at the campus will be greatly enhanced and services hosted here (SIS, Gnet) will be much faster off-campus.

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Where did my black bar go?

Google just made some changes to their Gmail interface and the black bar is now gone. Dont worry! You can find all the links that used to be there here:

New interface

Read more about this change here: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/1714464?hl=en



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Goddard College History: Found in the Archives

Who was William Rollin Shipman?

SSC_0134(1)Goddard College is celebrating its 150th Anniversary. Goddard’s  history goes back to our predecessor institution,  the Goddard Seminary, founded in 1863.  The upcoming  schedule of events on campus includes the  unveiling of a bronze memorial tablet dedicated to William Rollin Shipman. This will be on display at the Eliot D. Pratt Library. Shipman, born on a Vermont farm in 1836,  is recognized as the founder of Goddard Seminary originally located in Barre, Vermont. In 1938 Goddard College was established and moved to Plainfield under the leadership of its founding president Tim Pitkin. Although the story of the founding of Goddard College has been often told, it may be of interest to think about Goddard’s deepest roots in the landscape of American education. Continue reading

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US Government Shutdown & Library Access


UPDATE 3: The government opened back up on Oct. 17th, 2013, so we’re back in business!

UPDATE 2: The Library of Congress public website is back online! You again have access to things like Chronicling America, the American Memory Project, and all the other cool stuff LOC provides, though nothing will be updated and the site will not have support for the duration of the shutdown. http://www.loc.gov/today/pr/2013/13-A07.html

UPDATE 1: EBSCO will offer free access to ERIC for the duration of the shutdown, though it will not have new materials and this access is not full-text, you will need to make ILL requests for articles you find. We can help, let us know what you need. http://www.ebsco.com/freeERIC

ORIGINAL POST: Please bear with us as we navigate around resource limitations due to the US government shutdown. Continue reading

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Books by Students

soleWe love to get books by current students out to you. The Eliot D. Pratt Library Catalog currently features books by three current students on the main page. Keep an eye on the New Books By Goddard Authors section, it’s changing all the time! And if you are a student who has published, please consider donating a copy of your book to the library!

Eliot D. Pratt Library Catalog


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Library on Facebook

We’re on Facebook!

Eliot D. Pratt Library on Facebook

Like us today and get all of the important updates from our blog plus other fun tips, tricks, pics, events, etc.

Check out our Social Media Policy for guideline on how to interact with us on Facebook.

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Free Digital Access to the Washington Post

You are eligible for free digital access to the Washington Post with your goddard.edu email address.

“By registering with a valid .gov/.mil/.edu email address, you will get free, unlimited digital access to washingtonpost.com whether you are at work, at home or on your mobile device.”

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